What's that, you ask? We don't quite know. We really don't even quite know how TikTok works, which is why we need help! We are looking for a seasoned TikTok(er!?) to help us build a profile and reach new customers on the app. Creatively, you will have free hands to create content you think works for us on TikTok. And you get to eat everything you film on top of a salary of course.

Currently, we have a profile with one video. After this 6-8 week project we hope we have more videos and more than 1 follower. If we go viral, we'll give you a cake. Just kidding, if we go viral that's absolutely insane and we'll give you something really cool as a bonus.

Dream job? We think so even though we don't really understand how TikTok works, as stated. Just input your profile below and write a few words on why you want to work for us. 16-year-olds and upwards. Work period and hours are flexible, we can tailor something to suit an interesting candidate. We will contact the most interesting profiles asap. Applications made in the form of a TikTok video will obviously score extra points. 


Kiitos hakemuksestasi!

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